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seniors connected program

What is the Seniors Connected Program?

The Seniors Connected ProgramĀ brings attention to the loneliness and social isolation experienced by older Australians aged over 55 living in the community (or Indigenous Australians aged over 50).

Of all senior Australians, one-third (1/3) live alone. This has revealed an urgent problem, where older Australians experience loneliness and social isolation, where there is potential for serious deterioration in both mental and physical health. There is a real need for assistance to reduce these issues. As older Australians face challenges related to retirement and ageing.

The program consists of two activities, which aims to increase social interaction with senior Australians.


FriendLine, is a call service where callers can have a free, anonymous, friendly chat with a volunteer over the phone.

This service is national and is open from 10am to 8pm seven days a week. The number for FriendLine is 1800 424 287.

FriendLine is an exciting opportunity for those who are required to remain home due to their own health, or because of external factors such as COVID-19.

seniors connected program
Village Hub ( seniors connected program )

Village Hubs

Village Hubs, helps combat loneliness among older Australians through an informal peer support network. Helping them age well and connected in their community for as long as possible.

Village Hubs are located in both regional and metro areas, and this program is growing into more communities.

The Village Hub program is community-led. Alleviating older people of their stress and loneliness while benefiting their mental and physical health. Through increased community activities.

Each hub provides a variety of activities for seniors, although these activities vary from location to location, some of the opportunities includes:

  • Practical health & wellbeing sessions.
  • Intergenerational relationships & activities.
  • Advocacy on important issues.
  • Advisory Groups for LGBTQI elders.
  • Healthy ageing pop-up events.
  • Using apps to connect community members across rural areas.

How Do I Get Started with seniors connected program?

To get your community involved in this program you can contact the Seniors Connected Team via seniorsconnected@dds.gov.au. If you are interested in joining a Village Hub, you can visit this link HERE. for more information and contact details. There are currently 12 hubs spread out across Australia.

Trilogy Care's Community Managed Program, is a community-led program focuses on providing accessible and affordable support services out to rural Australia. Where locals work for locals and the community comes together to support the elderly. Interested in starting Community Managed Care? Contact Trilogy Care on 1300 459 190 or email info@trilogycare.com.au.

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