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Aged & Disability Care
Aged Disability Care

Self-manage your
Home Care Package

15% of your Home Care Package with no hidden costs

Live well at home by self-managing your Home Care Package with Trilogy Care. 

Your life, your care, your way. At home.

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Trilogy Care supports you to confidently coordinate your Home Care Package (HCP) so you can continue living safely and comfortably at home.

What is self-management?

Unlike traditional providers, our innovative self-management model gives you choice and control over your Home Care Package care and services. This allows you to spend less on management fees, freeing up your Home Care Package budget for things that matter – your long-term care.

Service options

With the option of two tiers of support for self-managed Home Care Packages, you have the absolute freedom to choose the care workers and support service you want and when you want them, and at the rate you’re comfortable paying.

By self-managing with Trilogy Care, you can…

How do we work?

Our Approach


Creating your care circle is the foundation of every self-managed journey. When signing up with Trilogy Care as your Home Care Package provider, we identify the loved ones and relevant people in your life who may help you manage your home care and support you live your best life at home.

Your care circle:

Your Care Circle

Trilogy Plus
Trilogy Plus
Trilogy Plus
Trilogy Plus
Trilogy Care Circle

Family and loved ones

Family members, loved ones, and friends support you in your home care journey and provide voluntary care.

Home Care Package provider

As your Home Care Package provider, Trilogy Care helps you manage your care package throughout the year.

GP and medical support

Your GP and allied health support look after your medical needs and inform your care plan.

Your care workers and support services

Your care workers and support services deliver your care at your home.

How it works?

Get started with self-managing your Home Care Package

Contact Trilogy Care

Contact us

Our team will help you understand how you can confidently self manage your Home Care Package.

Care Planning With Trilogy Care

Care planning

We will listen to your care and lifestyle needs to design a care plan and budget that suits your individual needs.

Find Workers With Trilogy Care

Find care workers

Organise your care workers and support services inline with your care plan and start scheduling your care services.

Get Started With Trilogy Care

Get started

Start receiving services! We work alongside you to manage your package administration and budget. 

Phone Trilogy Care

If you don’t have a Home Care Package and need coordinated long-term care and services, then call us on 1300 459 190 and we will help you to get started.