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Our Team

Who we are

Our Board

Trilogy Care’s founders have first hand experience in enabling consumers from their own families to live independent, healthy, and supported lifestyles by self-managing their Home Care Packages.

James Whitelaw
James Whitelaw Director & Founder
Grant Williams
Grant Williams Director
Jim Toohey
Jim Toohey Director
Glen Wright
Glen Wright Director

Executive Leadership Team

Trilogy Care’s leadership team brings a wealth of experience from a variety of industries. Trilogy Care is getting people to think differently, thereby driving us and our partners in becoming more open and engaging in new and effective ways to define, deliver and exceed in our goals, as individuals and as a team.

Will Whitelaw
Will Whitelaw Chief Executive Officer
Marko Rukavina
Marko Rukavina Chief Financial Officer
Glen Kilpatrick
Glen Kilpatrick Chief Growth Officer
David Melloy
David Melloy General Manager - Communities
Erin Headley
Erin Headley General Manager - Operations
Alison Hunt
Alison Hunt General Manager - Marketing & Brand
Bernie Ng
Bernie Ng General Manager - Growth & Strategy
Sian Holman
Sian Holman Manager of Care
Emily Paul
Emily Paul Manager - Clinical Governance
Sarah Minton
Sarah Minton Manager - Partnerships & Compliance
Anthony Rae
Anthony Rae Head of Development
Joanne Staples
Joanne Staples Manager - People & Culture