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Our Team

The Trilogy Care Team

Our Board

The Trilogy Care board of directors has professional expertise in financial, aged care and health care management and governance. The board has been carefully selected to provide visionary leadership with the view of shaping the future of aged care.

Committed to excellence, innovation, and compassionate care, our expert team drives impactful, ethical decisions that support our care recipients to age safely and comfortably at home.

James Whitelaw SQU

James Whitelaw

Director & Founder

Jim Toohey SQU

Jim Toohey


Glen Wright SQU

Glen Wright


Kylie Radburn

Kylie Radburn


Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson


Executive Leadership Team

The leadership team at Trilogy Care possesses extensive experience spanning diverse industries. Trilogy Care fosters a culture of openness, encouraging the executive team, staff and partners to embrace fresh and effective approaches in defining and delivering quality care solutions for our care recipients.

Will Whitelaw

Chief Executive Officer

Marko Rukavina SQU

Marko Rukavina

Chief Financial Officer

Glen Kilpatrick

Glen Kilpatrick

Chief Growth Officer

Erin Headley

Erin Headley

Executive General Manager

Senior Leadership Team

David Melloy SQU

David Melloy

General Manager -

Alison Hunt SQU

Alison Hunt

General Manager -
Marketing & Brand

Bernie NG

Bernie Ng

General Manager -
Growth & Strategy

Sarah Minton SQU

Sarah Minton

General Manager -
Partnerships & Compliance

Sian Holman SQU

Sian Holman

Head of Care

Emily Paul SQU

Emily Paul

Head of Clinical Governance

Anthony Rae

Head of Development

Joanne Staples

Joanne Staples

Head of People & Culture

Shanna Murphy

Head of Service and Support