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Self-managed Home Care Packages explained

Self-managed Home Care Packages explained

Self-managed Home Care Packages are a way for you to take control of your Home Care Package budget, health, and well-being within the comfort of your own homes.

In recent years, home care has changed a lot. Now, it’s all about giving you more control and making it personal. With self-managed Home Care Packages, you can be in charge of your budget, health, and overall well-being, all from the comfort of your own home.

When self-managing your Home Care Package, you get to make all the decisions. You can choose and schedule your care workers, so they fit perfectly with what you want and need. Of course, there are still some rules and a care plan from a provider, but you get to be the boss of your own care.

This shift is all about being active and involved. Instead of just receiving care, you get to be a part of planning and coordinating everything. Unlike traditional care providers, the self-managed approach encourages and celebrates your independence. You can build a team of care workers and get services that match your lifestyle.

What is self-management?

‘Self-management’ is where you actively participate in the management and coordination of your Home Care Package services. Compared to traditional Home Care Package providers, a self-managed provider encourages you to be independent, allowing you to select and manage your preferred care workers and tailor your services to align with your lifestyle.

Why do I need a provider if I am self-managing my Home Care Package?

A self-managed Home Care Package provider is a registered Home Care Package provider that works with you to administer your Home Care Package. The provider works with you, so your package is managed under the guidelines set down by the Department of Health and Aged Care. 

The services offered by a self-managed provider can vary but usually include the administration of your care plan, budget management, and financial running of your Home Care Package, including managing the payment to your care workers and support services.

The basis of self-management is a partnership between you and Home Care Package provider. You work with your provider to create a care plan that addresses your specific health conditions, preferences, lifestyle, and available Home Care Package budget.

What are the benefits of self-managing your Home Care Package?

The freedom to make you choose your care workers and support services

Self-managing your Home Care Package puts you in control of the decision-making. You make the decisions about the care workers and support services you will use; you negotiate the rates you’re comfortable paying and you schedule the times that suit your lifestyle. This approach puts you in control of your well-being.


By self-managing your Home Care Package, you can significantly reduce your package management fees, freeing up your Home Care Package budget for more care and services.

Trilogy Care’s Self Managed fee is 15% of your Home Care Package

At Trilogy Care, we are completely transparent in our pricing and don’t hide behind any hidden fees or surcharges. 

Learn more about the cost benefits of self-managing your Home Care Package on our pricing page

Improved quality of life

By taking control of your Home Care Package and having more say in your individual needs and preferences, self-managed home care contributes to an improved quality of life. Individuals can maintain a sense of normalcy, independence, and familiarity within their home environment, promoting overall well-being.

Personalised care plans

One of the fundamental aspects of self-management is having access to a personal care partner and assessment team through your Home Care Package provider to develop your personal care plans. These plans are crafted through open communication between the individual and their care partner and team. By considering the individual’s medical history, current health status, and future goals, a tailored care plan can be created to optimise overall well-being.

Learn more about care plans here

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