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Getting started with a Home Care Package

My Aged Care

My Aged Care & ACAT

Learn about your aged care options, My Aged Care and the ACAT assessment process.

Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages

Everything you need to know about Home Care Packages and how they can help you live longer in the home you love.

Finding a Provider

Finding a provider

Understand Home Care Package providers, why you need one and how to choose the right provider for you.

Managing your Home Care Package

Understanding self mangement

Understanding self-management

Learn the benefits of self-managing your Home Care Package.

Managing your HCP

Your care plan and care budget

Helpful articles to help you make the most of your Home Care Package.

Your carers and Service Providers

Your care workers and support services

Learn more about self-managing your carers and service providers.

Health, wellness and lifestyle

Your Health

Your health

Articles to help you stay on track with your health.

Your Wellness

Your wellness

Articles to help you stay on track with your wellness.

Your lifestyle

Your lifestyle

Articles to help you support a connected and happy lifestyle.

Compliance and governance

Your rights

Your rights and our responsibilities

Learn about your rights when receiving services and our responsibilities as a Home Care Package provider.

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission manage concerns or complaints about aged care services.


Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS)

SIRS helps to prevent the risk of abuse and neglect of recipients of aged care services.

Resources for the care circle

Family Members & Carers

I am a family member or carer

Resources for family members and unpaid carers.

Service Provider

I’m a care worker or service provider

Resources for care workers and service providers.

Im a care coordinator

I'm a care coordinator

Find helpful articles to help you understand how to manage your Home Care Package.


Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the Home Care Package journey.

Aged care glossary

Words, phrases and abbreviations used in aged care and their meanings.