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About Us

Our dedication to self-management...

About Us

Trilogy Care have first-hand experience supporting consumers to self-manage their Home Care Packages and continue to live independent, healthy, and supported lives. In the process, we have found practical ways to double the amount of care hours you can receive in your Home Care Package with better care and support.

Trilogy understands that in most cases our clients have looked after themselves for a long time, and with the some practical direction, guidance, and education, they are able to manage their own Home Care packages on their own. 

Self-managing a Home Care Package is very much like satisfying any other need and want in life. It’s about finding an acceptable solution at a price you are prepared to pay, and then organising a contractor or supplier to get the job done.

We design your care plan and budget with you and then help you to go directly to your personal carers, clinical and support workers. By doing so, you can reduce the rates you pay for care and services. By scheduling your own workers and approving invoices for payment,  you can benefit from our lower 15% fee, giving you even more to spend on your care and services.

We want you to feel confident managing your own package, and will provide you with the tools to do so. As your dedicated home care provider we will handle all the cumbersome compliance, financial reconciliations, and government reporting so that you have the peace of mind.

Trilogy Care’s team have long standing careers in aged care leadership, clinical nursing and case management, and financial management and recruitment. Our leadership team are involved in other government initiatives and bring experience in providing package management services for government funded disability and rental affordability schemes.

Trilogy Care wants you to know you’re in safe hands self-managing with us.

Peter Kubli

Where we are going...

Our Mission

We offer you choice, flexibility and control over your home care package.

As your trusted partner in self-managed home care, our mission is simple. We show you to how to get more value care and services to support your health and wellbeing at home.

Where we started...

Our Origin

For the past 40 years my parents-in-law, Peter and Inese, have lived an active and fulfilled life on a small acreage lot in Far North Queensland. As they became older, it started to become harder for them to manage on their own. With my wife and I living on the Sunshine Coast, we didn't have the means to support them. This is the story of how we worked together to self-manage their home care package.

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