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Leave Request Form

Why it matters:

There may be times when a client needs to take leave from their Home Care Package. Taking leave does not affect their entitlement to receive home care services when they want to return. 

Leave may be required for reasons like:

  • A hospital stay.
  • Transition care following a hospital stay.
  • To receive residential respite care.
  • Social leave.

Depending on the reason for the leave and how much leave they have already taken in the financial year, the government may still pay the Home Care subsidy into their budget while they are on leave. 

If the client currently pays an Income Tested Care Fee, then they may be asked to continue to contribute during this period.

It is important to inform Trilogy Care as soon as practical when planning to take leave e.g. entering temporary respite care or needing to take leave e.g. have been admitted into hospital. 

Trilogy Care can be notified by completing this form and we will follow-up with you.

Leave Request Form