Community Managed Care

What is Community Managed Care?

Trilogy Care is committed to the delivery of better regional aged care through our Community-Managed Home Care Program.

This program builds upon our existing Care Coordination program to specifically tackle the aged care and workforce challenges in regional Australian towns and shires.

Being a part of the program means your town is provided with better value aged care, keeping your residents in their homes for longer, focusing on the things that matter… Better long-term care and services.

Community Management

Community-Managed Care is a coordinated approach to aged care in rural and regional communities, it is delivered by Trilogy Care and the Community itself. Care is delivered in communities where large care providers cannot or will not operate.

  • Elderly residents get the care they deserve.
  • Jobs are created in the local community.
  • Money stays in the local community.
  • Surpluses are reinvested back into community initiatives.

How Trilogy Care Helps

By working with local advocates and leaders in regional towns across Australia, we are building care communities which are self-sustainable.

We assist with the setup of Not-For-Profit entities, and then provide you with the tools to coordinate the care needs of residents in your area. With our motto ‘Locals working for locals’ Coordinators can then tap into the resources of the community. Helping the older members of their town.

This can be through a variety of care services that keep residents healthy, safe, independent, and connected to the community. Trilogy Care provides training and ongoing support in the delivery of the community-managed care model.

Our Community Managed Partners

Bell Cares

Bell Cares Inc. have partnered with Trilogy Care to implement the Community-Managed Care model in the town of Bell. Providing in-home support services in their town. They are utilising this program to provide better value care to the residents of Bell, as well as other communities requiring home care assistance.

4 Island Aged Care

4 Island Aged Care service Russell, Macleay, Lamb, and Karragarra Islands and have partnered with Trilogy Care. Addressing the lack of services for Senior Australians on the islands. By providing support coordination services, 4 Island Aged Care can assist residents navigate the My Aged Care System and find care services.

Kilkivan & District Community Care Association Inc.

Kilkivan & District Community Care Association Inc. based North of Brisbane. Are partnered with Trilogy Care have begun using the community-managed care model. As a result, senior Australians of the Kilkivan community now have access to a variety of care services, which were once too difficult or too costly to receive.

Etheridge Cares

Etheridge Cares is based in the remote region of Etheridge shire in North Queensland. Partnering with Trilogy Care to provide a local response to Home Care Package management and support for older community members within the region. Etheridge Cares provides care coordination to a region of over 39,000+km².