Care Coordination

What Is Care Coordination?

Care Coordination is a program started by Trilogy Care aligned with our Self-Managed PLUS package offering and is included in various programs to provide better value care. Care Coordination can better assist clients self-manage their Home Care Package, with coordinators helping clients manage:

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The Home Care Package program can be an intricate process for clients, and this can lead to confusion, misunderstanding or  breakdown of communication between providers and consumers. Trilogy Care aims to be transparent in every aspect of the Home Care Package program.

The Care Coordination Program is designed to assist Home Care Package recipients manage components of their package that may be difficult to manage if there are no family or friends to support them.

The main difference between self-managed and self-managed PLUS package, is that with self-managed PLUS, the client will be assigned their own care coordinator to source and manage their workforce/services according to the client’s requirements.

This offering is still competitively priced and unlike other fully managed package offerings on the market, the client still has decision making power as the care coordinator will operate according to the client’s workforce/service preferences. Through this offering, clients can focus on living life and leave the management of the package to our experienced staff.

Our coordinators have a network of providers they can utilise to ensure the package recipient is taken care of.

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Why Care Coordination

Lower Management Fees: Traditional faith-based organisations often charge 35% of the package in management fees, before any labour is even costed. 

You can optimise the value of your package by self-managing with Trilogy Care for a low fee of 15% p.a. and our Coordinated approach at 26%, which is still below most of our competitors.

Better Hourly Rates: By contracting care workers directly, the management fee is drastically reduced as there is no requirement to organise labour, meaning the client can pay less hourly fees and the care workers can receive higher rates.

The independence between coordinator and care provider also means that rates can be negotiated to a fair market rate. Essentially you can almost double your care hours!

Independence: Because the Care Coordinator (The one organising supports) is independent from the workforce or brokered (the one providing supports), this reduces any conflict that arises. A traditional provider will typically only allow their own workers to provide care, or otherwise charge a significant fee on top of the third party worker for doing so. 

Choice: Consumer Directed Care is imperative in this program. The Contractor model means it is easier to change workers, choose who is working for you (or your client). Working direct also means that you can choose when and how the work is to be delivered.

Transparency: Many other providers charge hidden costs and additional surcharges for travel, call out fees, or using workers not employed by the company. There are no additional contributions unless they are required to undertake the Income Means Testing. There are no exit fees with Trilogy Care, and we will assist you to leave, with a short 14 day notice period.

Our Coordination Programs

Community Managed Care:  A coordinated approach to aged care in rural and regional communities, it is delivered by Trilogy Care and the Community itself. Care is delivered in communities where large care providers cannot or will not operate.

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Village Care: Assisting retirement village residents navigate their way through the Home Care Package program, while also working in partnership with Retirement Village operators manage a large workforce.

Retirement Living