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Five steps to accessing Home Care Package program

In Australia, the Home Care Package program provides essential support for older Australians who wish to continue living independently at home without the need to move into a full-time care facility. If you or a loved one find daily tasks increasingly challenging, understanding how to access and benefit from a Home Care Package program is important. 
This article will walk you through the 5 steps you need to take to access your Home Care Package program.

Steps to access your Home Care Package program

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Verifying your Home Care Package program eligibility is the first step in your journey. To begin, make an assessment request via My Aged Care. The first step is to check eligibility using the My Aged Care’s eligibility checker.  You may do this by visiting their website or giving them a call at 1800 200 422. 

Step 2: Undergo Your ACAT assessment

An ACAT assessor will evaluate your situation either at your home or over the phone, depending on your location and preference. During this thorough assessment, they’ll determine the level of care you require and assign a priority level based on urgency. 

How should I prepare for my assessment?

To help you prepare for your assessment, go over the following information: 

  • Have your Medicare card and another form of identification (passport, DVA card, driver’s license, healthcare card, etc.).  
  • Have a copy of any doctor referrals.  
  • Think about whether you would like a support person to attend.  
  • Have any previous knowledge about aged care services that you would like to discuss.  
  • Have your GP’s or other medical professionals’ contact information on hand. 
  • Consider whether you require special communication support, such as a translator or Auslan interpreter. 
  • Have information on any support you receive. 

Step 3: Find out your assessment outcome

Following the assessment, you will receive correspondence from My Aged Care regarding the results. We encourage you to access your My Aged Care online account to review the support plan and referral codes provided. These referral codes will be necessary to activate your Home Care Package program once it has been allocated to you. Please be aware that you will be placed on the National Priority System, a centralised waitlist where packages are assigned based on urgency and individual circumstances, regardless of location. It is important to remain patient during this process as the assignment timing can vary due to demand. 

Step 4: Being assigned a package and your referral code

Following the evaluation, My Aged Care will send you a letter outlining the results. Visit your My Aged Care account online to review the available referral codes and assistance plan. Once assigned, these referral codes are necessary to activate your package. You will be added to the National Priority System, a centralised waitlist where Home Care Package programis distributed regardless of location following urgency and individual circumstances. This phase calls for patience because the Home Care Package program may be assigned at different times based on demand. 

Step 5: Begin self-managing with Trilogy Care

Once the Home Care Package funding is activated, you can receive care and services through Trilogy Care. Our comprehensive support network will assist you in creating a personalised plan that prioritises your health, well-being, and independence. By self-managing your care, you can tailor your services to suit your lifestyle, allowing for flexibility and control over the care you are provided. 

Understanding these five steps will empower you to confidently access the Home Care Package program and secure the most suitable care services. Taking charge of your care plan allows you to lead a comfortable, independent lifestyle while enjoying the support of a dedicated provider like Trilogy Care. 

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