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World Hearing Day 2024

World Hearing Day is an annual global initiative aimed at promoting ear and hearing care worldwide, focusing on preventative measures against deafness and hearing loss.

The theme for 2024, "Changing Mindset," highlights the importance of challenging societal misperceptions and stigmatising attitudes through heightened awareness and information dissemination.

In Australia, an estimated 3.6 million individuals experience varying degrees of hearing impairment. Hearing loss impacts about 50% of those aged 60 to 70, 70% of those aged 70 and over and 80% of those aged 80 and over.

What are the impacts of unaddressed hearing loss?

The repercussions of untreated hearing loss can impact an elderly individual’s quality of life. These include communication, speech, cognition, and social isolation, loneliness, and stigma.

What can cause hearing loss and deafness?

Age-related hearing loss doesn't have a single clear cause. Instead, it typically stems from changes in the inner ear as you age. However, several factors can contribute, such as ear or head injuries, exposure to loud noises, smoking, and genetic predispositions.

Signs of hearing loss might include:

  • difficulty hearing in noisy places
  • difficulty hearing people on the phone or if they’re not facing you
  • regularly asking people to repeat themselves when they speak to you
  • hearing sounds as muffled, as though people are mumbling
  • needing to have the TV volume louder than other people
  • regularly missing your phone or the doorbell ringing
  • avoiding situations because you have trouble hearing.

It's crucial to reconise these signs to identify and manage your hearing loss effectively. When these signs are detected early on, elderly individuals can access programs aimed at assisting with hearing loss, ultimately enhancing their day-to-day quality of life.

Your Home Care Package is designed to cover services that address age-related functional decline needs, which can include clinical services such as support for hearing and vision.

Individuals experiencing hearing or speech difficulties can seek assistance through resources such as Deaf Connect via My Aged Care, offering in-person sign language interpreting and Video Remote Interpreting services.

The National Relay Service also provides support for those struggling with phone communication, allowing users to choose their preferred access option find out more at The National Rely Service website and request a relay to 1800 200 422 (free call).

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