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What is the Transition Care Program?

About the program

The Transition Care Program (TCP) is designed to help older people recuperate after a hospital stay to help you regain functional independence confidence. You can access TCP even if you have a Home Care Package (HCP) or Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services in place.

Orthopedic Doctor and Senior Patient with Walker at Nursing Home

Lasting up to 12 weeks, the program is funded to provide a range of tailored supports and can include:

  • Personal care.
  • Nursing support.
  • Allied health care: occupational therapy, physiotherapy, dietetics, podiatry, social activities and social work.
  • Case management.

These services can take place in your home, or a residential respite facility whilst any aids and equipment are being arranged for you to safely return home. A transition care coordinator will be appointed to help you set goals to get the best possible outcome.

What happens to my HCP during the program?

Although your Home Care Package will be 'on hold', you will keep accumulating your full subsidy (including any supplements) for the first 28 days.

Is there a cost for TCP?

Yes, there are some costs to receive TCP which will be discussed with you at the time of your assessment in hospital.

During a hospital stay, if you've been assessed as eligible for the Transition Care Program, it's important to inform your case manager so they can continue to support you while you receive the necessary care. They will also ensure you continue to accumulate your HCP funding so it is available to you when the program ends.

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Why TCP is important?

This Transition Care Program assists people stay in their homes for longer. Avoiding the need for longer-term care, and delays seniors Australians moving into an Aged Care Home for as long as possible. The TCP helps senior Australians get back on their feet after a hospital stay.

Am I eligible for TCP?

To be eligible for the Transition Care Program, a person must undergo an ACAT assessment. Home Care Package recipients have already undergone this assessment. They may be eligible if it is an older person and:

  • Have been told they are ready to leave the hospital.
  • a patient in a hospital (public or private) including people receiving hospital services in-home.
  • the person would benefit from receiving TCP services for a short period of time.

A person may also be eligible if the person is to receive care or support services in their own home, they will have 48 hours from their date of discharge from hospital, to enter care.

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