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Self-management checklist

If you’re considering a Home Care Package (HCP) or in the process of obtaining one, this checklist is your essential guide. We understand that embarking on this journey can feel overwhelming, which is why we’ve created a comprehensive checklist to help you navigate the HCP program. Make informed decisions and ensure that you are well-prepared before receiving a HCP. Take charge of your care journey today with our HCP Self-Management Checklist.

Are you prepared to?

  • Give some time to self-manage your Home Care Package.
  • Recognise the need for a review of your Care Plan package and start it.
  • Consider your current health, risks, and safety.
  • Develop plans and methods to stay connected to the community.
  • Find, communicate with, and roster your own care workers.
  • Be unbiased when discussing and determining your care needs.
  • Coordinate and track a simple budget, including managing invoices.
  • Examine bank statements, identifying anything which appears incorrect.
  • Record tax invoices for the products and services you have purchased.
  • Communicate and resolve disagreements regarding payments and services.

These steps are essential in self-managing a Home Care Package. Trilogy Care will be with you every step of the way to ensure your experience is seamless while self-managing. To effectively assess your needs, take a look at our self-management packages available to you to determine if you require extra assistance while self-managing with Trilogy Care.

Do you currently?

Understand your rights as a Home Care Package consumer.

  • Know the items and services available for purchase with package funds,
  • Have the ability to access and use the internet as well as view documents online and access emails regularly.
  • Plan ahead regarding medical or other conditions that may affect your wellbeing and home care package.
  • Understand/recognise your care needs and how to plan for them.

What should I do now?

This checklist is an essential guide in determining if you are ready to self-manage a Home Care Package. Trilogy Care offers a wealth of experience in assisting clients manage their Home Care Package, so clients can continue to live independent, healthy, and supported lives.

For further information about Home Care Packages, go to our resources and FAQ pages. To receive up-to-date news about Home Care Packages, follow us on Facebook. Contact us on 1800 622 890 or email: info@trilogycare.com.au

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