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Nutrition for Senior Australians

Nutrition For seniors

Sufficient nutrition is important for all Australians. However, for seniors, the foods and drink that make up a healthy diet may be slightly different than when they were younger.

Healthy eating does not have to change drastically with age, especially for a senior. Luckily there is plenty of useful resources outlining nutritional and healthy diets for all ages. 

Australian Dietary Guidelines:

  • Eat a wide variety of foods from the five food groups.
  • Drink plenty of water – up to eight cups per day!
  • Limit foods high in saturated fats.
  • Replace high fat foods with foods containing mostly polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.
  • Limit foods and drinks containing added salt.
  • Limit foods and drinks containing added sugars.
  • Limit alcohol.
  • Keep ‘extras’ or ‘sometimes foods’ to a minimum.
  • Be physically active. 

*Extended list of dietary requirements can be found on ADG website


Healthy eating leads to ageing well. There are many benefits and special considerations for senior Australians.

  • Bone health: Osteoporosis is distinguished by bone density deficiency. This can lead to an increase of fractures, with hips legs, and wrists are common problem areas for seniors.
  • Arthritis: Maintaining a healthy weight is recommended by nutritionists for those with arthritis.
  • Teeth & Gums: Maintaining healthy teeth prevents many diseases, and rot. This will help avoid enteral feeding later as you age.

Importance of healthy eating:

For seniors, it may find it difficult to get out to buy groceries, seniors may feel like your appetite has reduced or disappeared. Health issues may also make it difficult to eat or enjoy foods.

If you can, try to see every meal and snack as a chance to give your body maximum nutrition (like vitamins, minerals and fibre) – and as a social activity you can enjoy with others if possible.

If you require help with shopping, meal preparation or finding nutritional meals, make sure to bring up these issues with your care partner or call Trilogy Care 1300 459 190 to help you find a suitable solution.

Shopping may be challenging at times for senior Australians as they age, it is recommended to keep the cupboard and fridge stocked with healthy foods and foods that can keep for a long time without going stale. If shopping or cooking has become too difficult, another option is ordering ready-made meals from places such as lite n easy, dineamic or Coles.

Healthy Ready-Made Alternatives

Ready-made meals provide a convenient and nutritious alternative to shopping and cooking. Freeing up your time and energy to focus on other activities. Ready-made meals offer healthy, nutritious, and affordable meals, delivered fresh or frozen to their door.

There are many providers who offer amazing deals with Trilogy Care, saving you money from your Home Care Package:

The Good Meal Co:

Special introductory offer, receive 7 meals free on your first order.


Offers a seasonal menu with variety and options to suit most dietary of lifestyle groups.

Lite n Easy

Approved HCP recipients can now take advantage of the government subsidised split payment method, saving up to 70% of the cost.

The best place to find this resource is at the Australian Dietary Guidelines Website. 

With many options, Home Care Package recipients are able to source cost-effective options for their nutritional needs.

Contact your Care Partner or Trilogy Care on 1300 459 190 for more information. 

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