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Home Care Package providers - making the right choice for you

Home Care Package providers - making the right choice for you

Home Care Packages are designed to help you maintain your independence and lifestyle in your own home.

Whether you’re researching your options or you’ve been approved for a Home Care Package, there are so many options and decisions, how do you know you’re making the right choice for you?

The first step is to select an approved Home Care Package provider to help you manage your plan and budget.

While Home Care Provider options may seem vast, there are two basic ways to manage your plan:

  1. Traditional providers
  2. Self-managed care

Traditional Home Care Package providers

Traditional service providers deliver fully managed home care, putting them in charge of every aspect of your care – from finances through to scheduling services and choosing the people who deliver them.

While a hands-off approach might sound appealing, it means you can’t necessarily control which members of their team are rostered to be in your home  or the price they charge for their services.

Fully managed home care also comes at a price. Traditional providers typically charge a monthly fee, daily fees and an inflated hourly rate for the delivery of services or support– a rate which includes hefty ‘middle-man’ fees on top of the direct service charge. This can have a significant impact on your budget.

Self-managed Home Care Package providers

Self-managed care is a new care model that allows the consumer to take control of the care services they need and the care providers they use. 

Unlike traditional providers, self management empowers the consumer to spend less on management fees, freeing up their Home Care Package budget for better long-term care and services.

Fees for a self-managed service are usually charged at a flat percentage rate, with no daily management fees or exit fees. And, because you can choose your own support providers, you know the service rate you’ll be charged.

The Trilogy Care difference

Trilogy Care is a registered Home Care Package provider. We offer two levels of self-managed home care – Self Managed and Self Managed PLUS

The Self-Management option allows you to take full control over your Home Care Package. The Self-Management Plus option is for those who need some care coordination support. 

All Trilogy Care clients have a dedicated care manager who is directly contactable by phone to  work with you to find the perfect support providers to suit your personality, lifestyle and needs, with control resting fully in your hands. And all charged under our fixed fee structure – no setup fee, no daily fee, no exit fee.

Would you like to know more about how to self-manage your Home Care Package? You can read more on our website. 

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