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Commonwealth Home Support Program and Home Care Packages

Understanding the supports available to help you age well can be tricky. Find out more about these two government-funded programs, their different levels of care, eligibility criteria and payment models.

CHSP or Home Care Package

The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and Home Care Package Program (HCP) are both designed to provide help at home.

While both programs can include services such as personal care, allied health, home and garden maintenance, carer respite, and meal preparation, CHSP is designed for people with lower support needs. In fact, itā€™s described as ā€˜entry-level supportā€™, with most people who access CHSP only needing one or two services to help them stay independent.

HCP, on the other hand, can provide more intensive support, with care needs being assessed over four levels and the Australian Governmentā€™s contribution reaching a maximum of approximately $59,000 each year.

CHSP costs

There is no formal means of testing for CHSP. However, service providers are encouraged to seek payment from clients who can afford to contribute to the cost of their care. Payment guidelines indicate, for example, a’reasonable contributionā€™ in the region of $6-$12 per hour for domestic assistance.

Home Care Package costs

Home Care Packages are means-tested however, individuals on a full pension or an income up to $32,331.00 are exempt from having to contribute to their care. If you are uncertain about whether you might need to pay, My Aged Care has
provided a fee estimator on their website to assist you in making this calculation.

Difference between HCP vs CHSP

Trilogy Care provides self-management options for those with an approved Home Care Package. If you would like more information, pleaseĀ call the number 1300 459 190

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