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Arthritis-friendly home modifications for ageing at home

Arthritis-friendly home modifications for ageing at home

As we age, maintaining our independence and comfort within our own homes becomes increasingly important. For those of us suffering from arthritis however, it can prove difficult to stay on top of.

This article will explore practical and effective home modifications and adaptations specifically designed to enhance day to day life while managing arthritis. From simple adjustments to innovative solutions, we'll provide valuable insights to help you create a home environment that promotes ease, safety, and a higher quality of life.

You don't have to break the bank with expensive home renovations. Instead, consider taking affordable steps to ensure your home is safe and your joints are protected when living with arthritis. Our aim is to introduce practical adaptations that maintain your ability to engage in everyday activities.

Evaluate your Environment.
Consider consulting your care provider, physician, or occupational therapist to pinpoint the daily activities that pose the most challenges for you. This discussion can prove highly beneficial in tailoring your approach to managing arthritis effectively.

Energy Saving
No, we’re not talking about solar panels here! Certain types of arthritis can lead to muscle loss, loss of strength and loss of endurance. Figuring out ways to make frequent tasks and chores easier can allow you to preserve your energy and make life easier:

  • Keep frequently used items at counter level.
  • Sit while doing common activities (I, for instance, peel my potatoes in a bowl while sitting on the lounge!)
  • If items are heavy, try purchasing smaller sizes (e.g., swap large containers of washing powder for capsules) or utilising aids (trade in the laundry basket for a laundry trolley).

Reduce Hazards
Our homes can be full of potential hazards but reducing them doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking:

  • Cutting back on clutter can reduce trip hazards.
  • Keeping rooms well lit allows you to avoid bumping into things.
  • Putting slip mates into the bathtub or other slippery areas helps prevent falls.

While these suggestions are valuable, we understand that sometimes more extensive changes are necessary. If your home needs modifications to support your independent and safe living, you might qualify for Home Care Modifications under your Home Care Package or Commonwealth Home Support Programme.

If your needs have changed since your last Care Plan meeting and you’d like to discuss Home Care Modifications, Call Trilogy Care on 1300 459 190 to discover how we can help.

Would you like to know more about how to self-manage your home care package? You can read more on our website or complete the below form and a member of our team will reach out to you.


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