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5 Questions to ask your Home Care Provider

When entering the aged care system, there is a large amount of information to understand while navigating this structure. This information is important for seniors to be aware of, so they can receive the best care suited for them. Recognising the difference between a Home Care Package (HCP), Nursing Home, and Retirement Home or the difference between self-managed and fully managed Home Care Packages is vital when considering what kind of support you require to stay healthy, independent, safe and connected to the community.

Choosing Wisely Australia ® has created a handy checklist for healthcare consumers to ask their doctors or healthcare provider to make sure they end up with the right amount of support. 

1. Do I really need this test, treatment or procedure?

Tests may help you and your doctor or other health provider determine the problem. Treatments, such as medicines, and procedures may help to treat it. Consider what the outcomes could be, if treatment is not received right away, and how this will affect your support group.

2. What are the risks?

Will there be side effects to the test or treatment? what are the chances of getting results that are not accurate? Could that lead to more testing, additional treatments or another procedure? By understanding the risks of a treatment or procedure, you are better educated of the potential outcomes, and can make an informed decision. 

3. Are there simpler, safer options?

Are there alternative options to treatment that could work? Lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier foods or exercising more, can be safe and effective options. Exploring all your options, can assist you in discovering effective solutions to your care needs. Always consult with a medical professional before coming to a conclusion. 

4. What happens if I don't do anything?

Ask if your condition might get worse – or better – if you do not have the test, treatment or procedure right away. Reassess your lifestyle, current care needs and potential future support, and if they can be covered by your HCP funds. Consult with your carers, friends or family on their experience’s. 

5. What are the costs?

Costs can be financial, emotional or a cost of your time. Where there is a cost to the community, is the cost reasonable or is there a cheaper alternative? How long will I need to recover? Will my health continue to deteriorate after this procedure? Can I do anything to recover effectively? Consider if Home Care Package funds can be used for to assist you after you have received the procedure. 

Remember to keep in touch with your care manager when your health or care needs change or as new health conditions are diagnosed. This will help ensure your care plan can be updated to reflect your needs. Trilogy Care’s team is dedicated to working with your reassess your care needs regularly so that you are always receiving the right amount of support. 

Contact Trilogy Care on 1300 459 190, to speak with your Care Manager, email care@trilogycare.

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