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How to ensure your invoices and reimbursements are paid quickly

At Trilogy Care, we understand the importance of timely payments, so we strive to process and pay invoices within 5 to 7 days of submission. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as incomplete invoices, budget shortfalls, or unapproved items, among other issues, can hold up the payment process. After reviewing our bills on hold, we thought it would be helpful to provide a guide on safeguarding your invoices and reimbursements, so they are paid within the set time frame. 

1. Submit bills and reimbursements online

When you submit your invoices or reimbursements online, they are entered into our workflow immediately. The bill and reimbursement submission links can be found on the care recipients and support hub or in the website header. 

Resubmitting an invoice or reimbursement can increase processing time due to duplication of invoices. 

2. Submit complete invoices only

Incomplete invoices or reimbursements require the Trilogy Care team to source additional information before processing the bills. 

A complete invoice includes: 

  • Date of service 
  • Business name 
  • Business ABN 
  • Care recipient information 
  • An itemised list of services or products included on the invoice 
  • Amount 
  • GST amount (if applicable) 
  • Total amount of invoice 

3. Support service or carer compliance checks

If you are a support worker, ensure you have provided all compliance documents, and your compliance check has been finalized before submitting any invoices. If you are a care recipient, ensure your support services have completed their compliance checks before commencing work with you. 

4. Available budget

One of the main reasons invoices or reimbursements are not processed within the set timeframe is the lack of an available Home Care Package budget. Care recipients can check their available budget on the Trilogy Care Portal or by contacting their care partner. 

5. Care plan coverage

For items to be covered by the Home Care Package, the item or service needs to be covered under the Care Plan.  

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your invoices and reimbursements are processed quickly and efficiently. 

If you are experiencing payment delays, please view your current bills via the Trilogy Care Portal or contact the Trilogy Care accounts team at 1300 459 190.  

Stay connected and manage your care with ease. Access the Trilogy Care Portal here to view your care plan and access important resources.

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