In a fully managed home care service, the provider handles the entirety of the package. They will schedule your services, source your workers, and handle your finances. While this is a very hands-off approach, it also means you will have to pay high fees, losing out on up to 35% of your package funds. You also have no control over your carer workforce, so have no flexibility in choosing the carers you want.

With self-managed home care, you take control of what services you receive and source your own workers, while your provider handles the finances and worker compliance for you. You can self-manage at Trilogy Care for a competitive flat rate of only 15% of your Home Care Package! By self-managing, you can double your care hours and make the most out of your Home Care Package.

Our detailed guide on the difference between self-managed and fully managed home care packages will help you choose the option that works best for you!