You will be assigned a Home Care Package once one becomes available. After completion of your ACAT assessment, you will be placed into the National Priority System if you are deemed eligible for a Home Care Package. This priority system considers your need for care determined in your assessment, as well as the date you were approved for a Home Care Package.

For a level 1 Home Care Package, estimated wait times are 3-6 months, with higher level packages having estimated wait times of 9-12 months.* A more specific estimate of your wait time can be found through your My Aged Care Client Portal.

If you have been determined as eligible for a higher level package, you have the option to accept a lower level package as soon as one becomes available, as well as the option to access CHSP services. Acceptance or non-acceptance of a lower-level package or CHSP services will not impact your expected wait time – it simply allows you to access basic care services sooner.

See our guide on the National Priority System for more information on when you will get your home care package.

*These estimated wait times are not exact and are based off 2021 Australian Government Department of Health Data