You will receive a referral code that you will need to give to a Home Care Package Provider before you can start receiving care services. We will use this referral code to examine the specific needs that have been identified in your ACAT assessment.

Once we receive your referral code, we will send you out a questionnaire to complete, so that we have all your details on file and can begin to plan how we will meet your care requirements.

Once this questionnaire has been completed, we will arrange with you an over the phone home care plan meeting, which fully outlines the needs that you have identified, and how they will be met through various care services, making best use of the Home Care Package budget that you have been allocated.

After this meeting, we will email you a Home Care Agreement to read and sign, which will specify the services you will receive, and the start date of your services. These services can usually start at minimum a week and a half from when you have provided your referral code.