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Trilogy Aged Care Referral

Who is Trilogy Care?

Trilogy Care are a nationally registered Home Care Provider offering a better way for consumers to self-manage their home care packages. Our services are available anywhere in Australia.

What is self-management?

Self-management empowers consumer to manage their care and services themselves. By doing so,  consumers have control over their workforce, can find support workers themselves, and negotiate rates they are comfortable paying.

Why is this better?

If consumers self-manage their Home Care Package they can basically double the hours of care across all package levels.

What does it cost?

We are completely transparent in our pricing by offering two fixed services. Our self-management plus offering is 26% of your home care funds.

Self-Managed HCP Form

Trilogy Aged Care Consultants have partnered with Trilogy Care to help older Australians to make the most out of their Home Care Package through a self-managed offering.

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