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Home Care Package providers - your questions answered

When looking for a Home Care Package provider, it’s important to have the information you need to make an informed decision.

To help you on your care journey, we have created a comprehensive guide on Home Care Package providers. This guide is designed specifically for people researching care options so you can make informed decisions about your home care.

Our simple-to-read handbook, designed specifically for you, provides you with all the information you need to confidently weigh your home care options.

What's in the guide?

Learn where to start when selecting a Home Care Provider. Get information about what questions to ask while choosing your home care provider.

Understand the differences between fully managed and self-managed providers so you can determine which management option is most suitable for you.

Discover how different providers set their rates and the varied costs for the services involved, ensuring full transparency in your Home Care Package.

Learn about care planning and how it should align with your health goals to provide you with individual support to maintain your independence at home.

Explore what is included and excluded in Home Care Packages, helping you understand what services and costs are covered to ensure your care needs are met effectively.

And more!

Get the information you need to select your ideal Home Care Package provider!

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Why Trilogy Care?

Trilogy Care’s Home Care Package providers – your question is answered in a thorough manual created for those looking to learn about Home Care Package providers. 
Our innovative self-management strategy, in contrast to traditional providers, allows customers to save money on Home Care Package administration costs, allowing you to allocate your budget to the things that matter—your care and services.  
Unlike other providers, we provide a unique self-management method that lets you spend less on management fees and more of your Home Care Package money on services and care.

The benefits of self-management:

Self-managing your Home Care Package gives you the freedom and flexibility to: 

  • Collaborate with your care partner to customise your care plan and budget. 
  • Have more control over how your funds are spent. 
  • Negotiate services at rates that suit your budget. 
  • Reduce your costs with lower administrative and service fees. 
  • Select care workers and services that best meet your personal preferences. 
  • Increase your care hours by benefiting from more affordable hourly rates.