The Opportunity

Grow your business by partnering with Trilogy Care to help older Australians stay healthy, safe, independent and connected to the community.

Trilogy Care is a Home Care Package provider, offering our clients the option to self-manage their Home Care Package. Giving them more choice, value and independence while receiving care and support services.

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Our Program

As Trilogy Care continues to build its customer base across Australia, we are looking for partners who share our values and can work suitably within our self-managed model for delivering Home Care Packages.

Our partnerships team have developed a national network of health professionals, organisations and independent contractors who partner with Trilogy Care to deliver greater choice, transparency and value to our new and existing self-managed client base. 

Why Partner With Trilogy Care?

By working with our partners we believe we can deliver a far more effective service, with better choice, flexibility and transparency to the Home Care market. While also benefitting the partners we work with.

Peace of Mind

Some clients find the administrative burden of verifying their workers to be a pain. Our partners are or will have undertaken the verification process and our clients will be able to access your services far more easily than other options on the market.

Price Discounts & Promotions

Offer exclusive promotions to Trilogy Care home care recipients, driving referrals to your organisation, and opening up to a new market of customers.

Price Transparency

While prices may vary between organisations, all partners share their fixed price schedule for each of their services. This way Trilogy Care can share partner offerings with its care recipients in an open and transparent way.

Trilogy Care Breakdown

The Home Care Package program is a government funded healthcare subsidy designed to assist senior Australians access coordinated care to stay at home for longer. Consumers receiving a Home Care Package can choose to self-manage their package to achieve more value, choice, and control over their services.

Self-Managed (15%):

  • Trilogy Care will charge 15% p.a. of the package amount to allow senior Australians to self-manage. When self-managing, it is up to the client to source and schedule their own services, workforce, and equipment.
  • Trilogy Care will then manage the financial component of the package (payments, reimbursements, financial statements, and liaising with Services Australia), worker compliance and assign the client their own case manager to create and manage a care plan& budget for the client.
  • Opportunity for the client: This offering is an opportunity for seniors to maximise the care hours they can afford and decide who will be their care providers.
  • Opportunity for organisations: Be able to offer the very best value-for-money package option in Australia, have your clients choose you as their primary care provider and maximise potential revenue through each client’s package funds.

Self-Managed PLUS (26%):

  • Trilogy Care will charge 26% p.a. of the package amount to have the package fully managed by Trilogy Care. When on self-management PLUS, Trilogy Care will handle all aspects of the client’s package.
  • The main difference between self-managed and self-management PLUS is that with PLUS, the client will be assigned their own care coordinator to source and manage their workforce. Services according to the client’s requirements.
  • Opportunity for the client: This offering is still competitively priced and unlike other fully managed package offerings on the market, the client still has the decision making power as the care coordinator will operate according to the client’s workforce/service preferences. Through this offering, clients can focus on living life and leave the management of the package to the aged care experts.
  • Opportunity for organisations: If you refer a client to Trilogy Care for self-management PLUS, our internal care coordinators can ensure services are assigned to your organisation. If the clients you refer us require a service you do not provide, our coordinators have a network of providers they can utilise to ensure the package recipient is taken care of.

When working with providers, we place a focus on ensuring efficient payment processing, fast response times, value and ensuring your clients have a pleasant experience with their Home Care package. We also have a marketing team that can create materials for you to promote our partnership.

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Get Started

If you wish to proceed, and become a partner with Trilogy Care, there are a few simple steps to get started today.

Contact Trilogy Care: Contact our business development and partnerships team on 1300 459 190.

Become a verified provider and form an agreement: Become a verified provider through a brokerage agreement. Once the brokerage agreement is signed, your organisation will be verified to provide services to all Trilogy Care clientele. 

Receive your Partnership Pack: Upon signing an agreement with Trilogy Care, we will send you a partnership pack which will include business, marketing and educational materials to distribute to your community.

Start Services: You will be placed on our national database and geographic map of Australia. You can begin services with Trilogy Care clients.

Please provide the following information for a brokerage agreement:

  • ABN
  • Entity Name
  • Business Address
  • Certificates of currency for public liability insurance (professional indemnity is only required if you provide personal care, nursing, or allied health services)
  • Fee schedule

We are eager to work with your organisation to assist your client base and open your business to new markets. Please contact us on 1300 459 190 to get started.