Leave request for a Home Care Package

Frequently asked questions for coordinators

The Home Care Package (HCP) guidelines and legislation mandate that any absence or leave from the HCP must be reported to Services Australia in a timely manner.

When a care recipient informs a coordinator of their intention to take leave from the HCP, coordinators are required to notify Trilogy Care through their designated Care Partner. This communication can be conducted via telephone or email.

Once leave is reported, Care Partners will create a Leave Request in our system and, with the assistance of our Package Management team, notify Services Australia accordingly.

What are the different types of leave?

The common types of leave include:

  • hospital stays
  • transition care
  • residential respite, and
  • leave for social reasons (which encompasses any other reason).
What if I don't have the end date of the leave?

No problem. The Package Management team will still submit leave requests with an open-ended duration, and once the end date is determined, they can update the request accordingly.

What if leave dates are required to be amended after initial lodgement has been actioned?

While it’s preferred not to change dates after lodgement due to potential fee implications, we understand errors may occur. If dates of leave are required to be amended, please advise your Care Partner and they will take the necessary steps so that lodgement dates are amended.

How do leave balances work?

Leave balances reset on July 1 each year or if the package level changes. Balances transfer with care recipient if they change providers.

What is the impact on supplements?

Primary supplements (such as Dementia and Cognition Supplement, Enteral Feeding Supplement, Oxygen Supplement, Top-up Supplement, and Veterans’ Supplement) are paid for the initial 28 days but cease after 29 days of leave.

  • Cumulative 28 days in a financial year for Social and Residential Care Leave.
  • 28 Consecutive days for Hospital and Transition Care Leave.

Eligible supplements (such as hardship and viability supplements) are continued to be paid.

  • Cumulative 28 days in a financial year for Social and Residential Care Leave
  • 28 consecutive days for Hospital and Transition Care Leave.
What is the impact on subsidy?
  • For up to 28 days in a row for each hospital stay and Transitional Care Leave, the Government continues to pay the full subsidy. From day 29 the subsidy is payable at 25%.
  • For up to 28 days of Respite, and Social Leave in a financial year, the Government continues to pay the full basic subsidy. The leave days do not have to be taken in a row. If the person takes more than 28 days of residential respite leave in that financial year, the subsidy reduces. The Subsidy is payable at 25% while on leave.
Will care recipients still recieve statements during leave periods?

Yes, any subsidies, supplements, or home care fees paid or payable during leave should be included in the monthly statement.

Can care recipients receive services while on leave?

The Operations Manual dictates that home care services and purchases cannot be provided during leave. Charges for any services, including care management and package management fees, are not applicable during leave periods.

Please contact your Care Partner for any additional information.

What if there are extenuating circumstances and a care recipient requires support from the package to safely return home?

If there are exceptional circumstances in which a consumer needs assistance to safely return home, the care recipient would need to terminate leave before services or purchases can be paid for or carried out. Your designated Care Partner should be your first point of contact and they will assist in determining how the package can help.

What should I do if I have received incorrect payment during a leave period?

If you believe there has been an error, please approach your Partnership Manager who will assist you, and if required guide you in completing a Coordinator Fee Adjustment form.

Is the Income Tested Fee (ITF) reduced during a leave request period?

Hospital and transitional care leave

For hospital and transitional care leave the Income Tested Fee (ITF) is payable at the full rate for first 28 consecutive days. After this period, the care recipient may be asked to pay the lower amount between their income-tested care fee and 25% of the basic subsidy rate.

Social and respite leave

For social and respite leave, the Income-Tested Fee (ITF) is payable at the full rate for the initial 28 cumulative days. After this period, the care recipient may be asked to pay the lower amount between their income-tested care fee and 25% of the basic subsidy rate.

What happens with package management, care management and coordinator fees during leave periods?

A care recipient can take leave from their package, such as hospital leave, transitional care, respite, or social leave (such as going on holiday). In these instances, Home Care Package providers cannot deliver or charge for any services including care, package, and coordination. For further information, please contact your Partnership Manager.