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Finding care or service providers

Finding care or service providers when self-managing your Home Care Package can be easy if you know how!

One of the benefits of self-managing your Home Care Package is having the flexibility to choose your care or service providers.

There are many ways to find service providers in your area and, depending on where you live, there could be many people in your area looking for new clients.

How to source service providers:

  • Workers are already working with you
  • Recommended by a friend, family member or health worker
  • Local service providers
  • Online service provider platforms or carer marketplaces

Local service providers can be found through:

  • Local directory boards
  • Community support groups
  • Local newspapers
  • Google search
  • Social media groups

Online service provider platforms or carer marketplaces include websites such as:

Engaging in community forums, such as online community groups, can provide insights into preferred service providers in your area. 

Another critical aspect to consider is the compatibility between the carer and the client. This goes beyond professional qualifications and includes factors such as personality, interests, and communication style. A good match can significantly enhance the quality of care and the overall experience for both parties. Some online platforms offer matching services based on these criteria, so it’s worth investigating these options.

Finally, always ensure that the service providers you are considering have a transparent pricing structure. Understanding the costs involved upfront can help you manage your Home Care Package funds more effectively and avoid any unexpected expenses. Regularly reviewing and assessing your care needs and the effectiveness of your chosen providers is also important to ensure you are getting the best value and care possible.

If you need help understanding what to look for when finding care or service providers, you can read our article on factors to consider when choosing a carer or service provider

It’s important to note that service providers will need correct qualifications and complete Trilogy Care compliance checks to be paid under your Home Care Package funds. You can read more about service provider qualification requirements on our carer qualifications page.

By taking these additional factors into account, you can make a more informed decision when choosing care or service providers for your Home Care Package, ensuring a more satisfying and effective care experience.

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