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Who is Trilogy Care?

Trilogy Care are a nationally registered Home Care Provider offering a better way for consumers to self-manage their home care packages. Our services are available anywhere in Australia.

Who is Mobility?

Mobility is a place where workers can connect easily with clients, enabling both registered providers and independent contractors to showcase their skills to customers. 

Why is this better?

If consumers self-manage their Home Care Package they can almost double the hours of care across all package levels. By going direct with Mobility they offer a fair and competitive marketplace for workers and clients.

What does Trilogy offer?

We are completely transparent in our pricing by offering two fixed services.

13% Fully self-managed

Ideal for individuals who want to do it all themselves or with family. They will coordinate their own workforce.

24% Self-Management Plus

Ideal for individuals who want the benefits of self-managing with some help from Trilogy Care. Trilogy will do the Care Coordinating for them.

Self-Managed HCP Form

Mobility have partnered with Trilogy Care to help older Australians to make the most out of their Home Care Package through a Self-Managed offering.

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